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Opera BrowserOpera Browser©

Description: Opera Browser©
Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Version: 17.0
Downloads: 11,754,347
Release Date:

Opera Browser Key Features:

  • Fast and Secured Browsing - Opera offers a fast and secured browsing to its users. Thanks to its bundle of rich features and innovative technology Opera loads pages quickly, provides a smooth scrolling, and does not crash.
  • Multimodal Features - Its multimodal features helps you control the browser entirely with your keyboard.
  • Available for Desktops and Phones - Feature rich Opera browser is available for Desktop and Phones, and is regarded as one of the top phone browsers.
  • Turbo Boost - You can enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience with Opera Turbo.


Thanks to its feature abundance, and availability for both desktops and phones (smart or otherwise), Opera has become a household name. What makes this particular browser so special is that unlike Explorer and Chrome, it lacks the backing of a huge conglomerate. It stands aloof, and seeks to appeal only with the nature of its offerings.

Opera browser has for long held a very distinct place among browsers. One of the oldest browsers to begin with, Opera’s time line has been a colourful one, and despite the tough competition, it still remains the top choice for hundreds of millions of internet users.

Traditionally, Opera has been chock-full of features, offering the whole nine yards as far as browsers go. But due to the pressures of evolution, it has been forced to change to keep up with the times.

Many browsers have felt the need to conform to the standards set by leaders such as Chrome. And while the latest version of Opera certainly borrows a little inspiration from it, it’s hardly enough to deny Opera 12 its own personality. Visual tab previews and bookmarks bar are some of the features that have been abandoned. But they have received replacements that are conforming to the times.

Opera is now based on WebKit and Chromium, opting to drop its Presto engine. It is this change that has seen the browser drop some of its past features. But the new Opera is still as robust and offers a plethora of features that are perhaps too many to fully explore.

The multimodal features let you interact with the browser in a number of ways. You can control the browser entirely with your keyboard. Additionally, you can use voice commands to navigate the web, or use mouse gestures.

Themes are readily available to help you personalize your Opera. They are not too dramatic, and only change the appearance of the new tab page, and the boarders of the windows. There is a gallery populated with different themes, and installing a theme is as simple as clicking on it.

Opera Interface

The interface of Opera takes on a minimalist approach with:

  • The address bar doubles as a search bar, although there is still a separate search bar to the right to give you the flexibility of choosing your search engine. There is a heart icon in the address bar, for the Stash feature. It lets you save a page that you can view later.
  • The Speed Dial page is neat and aesthetic, and lets you arrange the tiles as you please. The Speed Dial is accessed by opening a new tab, and lets you add an infinite number of pages. You can even combine the pages into folders. It replaces the bookmarks bar, and manages your bookmarks for you.
  • There is a Discover feature in the welcome page. It has two drop downs; the right one lets you discover news and content from the world, while the right offers you topics and contents based on your interests. You can define these; otherwise Opera will automatically suggest them based on your browsing tendencies.

Opera Features

Opera is rich in many other features, some of which are worthy of mention.

  • There is a Password Manager, which lets you define the password that Opera retains. You can use one master password to access different sites, which is highly convenient. The manager does not display saved passwords either.
  • Off-Road feature helps by compressing data. It works when you are facing a slow connection, and shows only the most relevant content on a website you are visiting. It works with Opera Turbo to ensure that your browsing experience is not affected by slow connections.

A Highly Extensible Browser

Opera is highly extensible, and a wide range of extensions are available for that purpose. They are not as many as those available on Chrome or Firefox, but there are more than a handful of them. You can sort through them by popularity or by rating.

The mail features have been bundled into their own application. The client is as intuitive as you would expect. The build-in BitTorrent client is convenient; as it lets you find and download files without having to use a stand-alone program.


Opera browser has really come of age. Despite the constant changes, Opera has still managed to retain its personality. It comes with more features than an average user can fully explore. Its biggest shortcoming has been compatibility, but most of these issues have been ironed out. Also its fast as ever- pages load quickly, scrolling is smooth, and does not crash. It is also very secure.

The latest version takes the ‘less is more’ approach but still delivers on every aspect. If you’re looking for an alternative browser that is every bit as good, you’ll be happy with Opera.

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